4 Foods to lose weight

To follow a proper eating plan, we must make an appropriate selection of foods that help us lose weight based on their caloric and nutritional composition. Although, as a general rule, practically all vegetables are excellent weight loss foods, but there are some other types of foods that belong to different groups that can be much more effective for this purpose.

The foods to lose weight that we are going to show you in the following article, are nutritionally very balanced and do not have few calories, so it is normal that we find them in endless diets to lose weight.

If you want to know all four foods that can help you to lose some of your extra kilos, just read the article till the end and start incorporating these foods in your daily diet and you will see the difference in a few weeks.

4 Foods to lose weight

Red pepper

Health experts state that eating red chilli can help in losing weight. Apart from being a very low-calorie food, it is tremendously sweet and tasty, being one of the vegetables that can best meet the demand for sugar by our body. It can control your hunger and speed up your metabolism and support you burn calories.

Egg white

The perfect food for athletes and sports fans who want to gain muscle mass, controlling their body fat percentage. They are an excellent type of protein because of their high biological value and the easy synthesis capacity of this food’s protein body. An ideal complement to make homemade protein shakes. It is low in cholesterol and fat, but they’re high in protein


Celery is a vegetable with a curious property, and it is that due to the few calories they have, its high fiber content and the thermogenic effect of having to digest this food, it causes that in certain quantities, we lose more weight than we gain consuming it.

It provides dietary fibre that speeds up the digestion process and weight loss.


Pineapple is an exceptional food, both consumed raw and served in juice. It is rich in natural sugars and natural fiber, which helps us expel toxins accumulated in our body. In addition to being a natural scrubber, it is one of the sweetest foods that have fewer calories.

Pineapple carries an enzyme called bromelain that helps burn away the excess belly fat.

Let’s start incorporating these foods in your diet and lose weight in an easy way.

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