5 aspects to consider after exercise

After physical activity, it is very comfortable to lie on the sofa and take a few bites of your favorite food, but it may not be as convenient. Here are 5 aspects to consider after exercise to feel healthier and full of vitality.

1- Stretches

At the end of the training, you cannot skip the stretches. They help in the prevention of injuries of post-training pain, and we will also get the muscles to recover their flexibility after physical exertion. Keep in mind that flexible muscles are less prone to injury. It won’t take you too long, about ten minutes. 

2- Decrease in training

Regardless of the physical exercise you do, whether it be running, swimming, cycling, etc., it is necessary to face a period of slowing down or decreasing the effort at the end of the session. In the case that you do a cardio activity, your heart rate will be very high, so by lowering the intensity for a few minutes. We will be able to decrease the pulsations progressively. You cannot stop moist after a very rough exercise.

3- Hydration

To avoid dehydration, it is necessary to replace the loss of fluids that occur during sports activity. When the exercise lengthens around the hour, it will be enough with the water, but if it lengthens much more, it will be necessary to consume an isotonic drink to recover salts and sugars. There is a trick to check the amount of liquid to consume. You just have to weigh yourself before and after exercise. For every half kilo, it should be consumed around half a liter of water. When you go to the bathroom after physical exertion and urine of a yellowish color, that will be a symptom of dehydration. It would be advisable to drink water every bit, both during and after the activity.

4- Food

Some may think that it is a contradiction to eat after sports. However, at the time you eat healthy foods at the end of the session, you will be replenishing energy and repairing the body, but not replacing the burned fat. A natural fruit smoothie, nuts, or a piece of fruit may be the most appropriate option to regain strength.

5- Rest

With this, we will be able to recompose the muscular tissue, the nervous system, and the hormonal levels. Athletes should sleep between 7 and 8 hours a day, increasing the time in the days before a competition. Even the nap would also make a lot of sense in this case.

With these tips, you will feel much better that day, but also in the next training. You will be more recovered from all the efforts made. It’s about trying it and experiencing those good feelings. These are aspects that cannot be negotiated.

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