Sports Injury advancements

Get a good warm up

To many times a great athlete is let down by their own body becuase they did not take the time to warm it up. Doing a short 5-10 minute routine before a full body workout will begin to get the blood flowing to the areas needed for optimal performance

allow your muscles to relax

During your warmup you need to stretch. This will lengthen the muscle and give it time to rebound and relax. Allow for about 10 seconds per muscle.

Muscles are like rubberbands

Now that your body is warmed up you can begin to bounce around and perform at a high level. Keeping this elastically in your muscles will prevent you from stretching and tearing a muscle or tendon.

Perform the movements correctly

During your workout be sure to perform each movement with grace and full range of motion. If you dont use the proper form then you are asking for more time on the couch and out of the game.

Gear Matters

Advances in modern day fitness have been amazing. You can have great protection from the type of gear you choose. Do not overlook this step!

Balance your need for activity

As fun as the court or field may be – dont over do it. Make sure you have time to relax and let your body repair from the tasks you book yourself through.

Try something new

The body has a remarkable way to adapt to changes. So thats why you want to keep it guessing. By doing different routines every 90 days.

Fuel your body correctly

Good fuel means good energy. Make sure your meal plan is balanced with lots of natural whole foods for energy.

Water is the number 1 nutrient

Speaking of fuel! Water is the most critical element for your performance. Water helps to create the body functions you need for engery and homornonal balance. When hydration drops your body is not operating at its highest potential.

See a professional

A full physical exam is a great preventative measure to take before the start of your new adventure.

Stay tuned for our next post where we talk about the advances in regenerative medicine like Stem Cells! This youtube video gives you a great introduction!

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