How to know if you are training too hard?

Training is one of the keys to keeping fit, and although doing a little exercise on a daily basis is highly recommended, the truth is that sometimes we may get out of hand. Let’s see below a step guide in which we explain how to know if you are training too hard.

Even if you are training to stay fit, lose weight, or release stress, it may be that so much training only leads you to force your body and thereby cause an injury. Let’s see how to know if you are training too hard.

1.  Apart from the muscles and joints, another sign that you may have trained too hard is that your body feels sore for several days in a row. It is normal that after training, you notice some pain and tiredness, but if two days have passed and you still feel pain, you may not be training at the pace you should.

2.  On the other hand, you should also take into account when the pain is unilateral, that is, if a muscle group or joint on one side of the body is sore after a workout, but not the other. This could also be a sign that you have overloaded your body, even if it is only one side.

3. Regardless of what you notice in your body or in your muscles and bones, you should think about what exercise and training mean to you. If this is on your priority list and takes up all your free time and leaves no room for anything else, something does not work. If you feel guilty or anxious on the rest days, remember that these days are an important part of any training plan and that depending on the type of training you carry out, you must be at least two days in a row without doing any exercise.

4. In order not to force yourself too much, and once you have realized that you are really training too much, you must start over with the exercise as you did at the beginning. Start with smooth and simple exercises but without going to more at the same time. You should reduce the activity as much as possible and introduce more exercises slowly and progressively.

5. You also have to be very careful with the fact of training excessively in a single area of ​​the body since you can cause an imbalance, with a part of your body that will be more developed or much worse, that you end up injuring yourself.

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