Mantra yoga: chanting sacred songs self-healing

A mantra yoga session feels like a bath of good energy, purifying, and elevating your vibration. Dare you sing

Surely you have heard the best known of all, the Om. This sound is precisely a mantra, a tool to stop thoughts and achieve a state of inner peace. How? Repeating the same word or set of words to quiet the mind and enter a meditative state.

“Mantras are sounds that have sacred vibrations,” explains Valerie Martin, singer, and teacher of yoga and mantra yoga. “Those of us who sing today mostly come from ancient languages ​​- vibrational languages. The ancient sages discovered that the vibrations of each sound act on certain places or aspects of being”, she adds.

Each mantra is like an antidote or remedy to heal, improve moods, change thoughts, attract good vibes, and calm the mind. Mantras work directly on the energy of the body, and thus also on the state of mind and spirit. Many times at the end of a mantra session, we feel as if we have had a good energy bath,” says Martin.

There are specific mantras that you can use depending on what you need in your life: bring balance to mind, raise vital energy, stimulate the brain, strengthen the spirit or attract abundance, health, fertility, or love.

“Mantras can be used anytime you need them. It is a technique and a tool for self healing . In yoga class, they can be sung at the beginning of the practice, during the practice or after. The Mantras are not only sung, but they can also be repeated out loud or inward to enter meditation,” explains Martin, who has released his first mantra album, Essence of Mantra.

The effect of mantras is so powerful that there are specific classes in which meditations are sung and performed. Martin’s Mantra classes are arranged in a circle around a center or an altar that symbolizes what you want to heal.

“Sometimes, we focus on a theme or energy that we want to work on, and sometimes we sing freely, to light the flame of creativity and enjoyment. Last year I was guiding meditations at the end of each class called Japa mala, which is the repetition of a mantra 108 times,” she adds.


Mantra yoga is, in essence, a healing ritual. You can share it in a group or practice it whenever you feel necessary to free yourself from negative thoughts and focus your mind on the present.

There are mantras to work with different energies, and among them, you can find specific ones for each chakra or energy center of the body. It is a perfect idea to enter the world of sacred songs.

Sit in a meditation posture, focus your attention on the area of ​​each of your chakras, and repeat the mantras corresponding to each energy center:

First chakra: LAM

Second chakra: VAN

Third chakra: RAM

Fourth chakra: YAM

Fifth chakra: HAM

Sixth and seventh chakra: OM


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