The best techniques to burn fat on the hips

Did you think it was not possible to lose fat in the hip area? The same thing was thought for a long time. However, recent studies appeal, on the contrary. Also, ask yourself the following question: Does everyone have the same levels of fat in the same body areas? No, right? We are going to address this topic that you are sure to find interesting.

Why does fat form on the hips?

Previously we thought that adipocytes were common throughout the body mass. And, in this way, if their levels were increased or decreased, they did so proportionally. However, we ask you the same prologue question to bring you to a rational resolution: Do all people accumulate subcutaneous fat in the same sectors? Well, of course, women and men have differences in this aspect due to evolutionary and biological reasons.

Tips to lose fat in the hip area

Let’s base on the main theme of the article, the hips. We proceed to explain quality guidelines to improve this area:

1. Concurrent Training

Intersperse a cardiovascular series where the area is involved, indoor-cycle type, and then an exercise of specific strength of the area. 

2. Avoid miraculous products

In this life, everything entails an effort, forgets ‘magic’ creams and products with inappropriate side effects for the central and peripheral nervous system. Always consult your doubts with a sports professional, be it your personal trainer, physical trainer, or trusted physiotherapist.

3. Correct nutrition and rest

Not only train, but also feed yourself wisely. It is not about restricting purely, and it is about balancing until you turn healthy. Organize your breaks after exercising consistently and according to your goals and physical limitations.

Interesting exercises to reduce the accumulated fat in the hips

First, we have to say that the majority of lower train exercises will have a favorable impact on improving fat parameters of hip muscle. Take note:

Plates with hip joint mobility

The position of plates will strengthen the area and force you to create a base position of isometric tension. Starting from there, any movement you make, especially if it is with an external load as a low pulley or ankle ballast, will multiply the results.

Plates with waist twists

This exercise involves complexity and technique; it is based on ‘trying’ to support each outer side of the hip, the tensor area of ​​the fascia lata, over and over again, causing twists that strengthen the entire ear.

Hip bridge

Very simple exercise, we go to the supine position. And we raise the hip in the vertical plane. The higher, the better, without committing to injuries. And, if you can endure isometric tension in the final phase of the concentric act, even better.

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